I want my track to be mixed at Abbey Road. What are my options? What is Mixing? Can I choose my engineer? Can I choose a studio? If I pay more can I choose my engineer or studio? Can I use any of Abbey Road’s world famous effects in my mix? Is there a limit on tracks I can use? What about midi? Is it ok for me to say, “I’d like it to sound like [insert your favourite song here]…?” Oops. I seem to have lost my file. Can I use special characters in my track name or project name? I’m thinking of adding a load of reverb and effects prior to the mix. Is that ok? What should my submitted file look like? How much headroom do I need to leave? I’m having problems with uploading my tracks, what should I do? Ok great. What will I get back at the end of it all? Once I’ve heard my mixed track, will I be allowed any mix revisions Will my song be mastered? How do I download my tracks? I'm experiencing a problem with my payment, what should I do? I've received a promotional code, what do I do with it? Is VAT included in the price? Can I post my tracks to you?