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Dolby Atmos Music Mastering at Abbey Road Studios

Dolby Atmos is an audio format that allows the creation and delivery of audio beyond the classic stereo, immersing the audience in a realistic 3-dimensional audio experience.

When we listen to something in stereo we only perceive sound coming from either left or right. Immersive audio allows an artist to present their music in a way they first heard it in the studio, by sharing the true depth, breadth and height of the music, giving it a richer and bolder sound.

Over the last few years, Abbey Road’s engineers have mixed hundreds of tracks in Dolby Atmos Music, working across both the Penthouse and Mix Stage studios. We are now expanding our world class mastering and Dolby Atmos mixing services with the opening of a new mastering suite designed specifically for Dolby Atmos Music mastering.


Why Dolby Atmos is transforming the way we listen to music

This technique allows us to create the illusion of sound coming from any direction around the audience; enhancing the clarity, depth and fidelity of the audio.

Perhaps the most compelling development in consumer audio, this format enables established and emerging artists to unlock the exciting potential of immersive audio and present their music in the way they first heard it in the studio.

Enhancing the way we listen to music, it provides the listener with a more interactive experience way beyond traditional stereo and reaching a new dimension of sound for headphones, computer speakers, home theater systems and more.


Delivery Format

With our purpose-built Dolby Atmos music mastering suite and a team of award-winning engineers, clients can rest assured their music is in safe hands.

We can either work from your mastered stereo stems to bring your mix into the immersive space using Dolby Atmos, or from a final pre-mastered Dolby Atmos mix.

Our Dolby Atmos Mastering Engineers


Recent Projects


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