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New Studios

Award winning engineers & unique portfolio of vintage and state-of-the-art equipment.

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Topline – Because Ideas Make Music

The new app for capturing song ideas on the go, designed by musicians for musicians.

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Online Mastering

Award winning engineers & unique portfolio of vintage and state-of-the-art equipment.

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Online Mixing

Now you can have your music mixed by Abbey Road's award-winning team of engineers.

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Film Sound Post Production

The Mix Stage

In the biggest transformation since the Studios opened, Abbey Road is building on its incredible film scoring legacy with a new mix stage that is Dolby Atmos® Premier Studio Certified and configured for IMAX audio capability. The new space takes Abbey Road’s iconic scoring facility to the next level with complete post production sound mixing capability.

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Iconic recording

Incredible facilities, equipment and engineers

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Post production

The creative skills to deliver your vision


Curated by the team at Abbey Road Studios including its music library team, and sequenced by Abbey Road Studios engineers.

Studio One

Home to many of the world's most celebrated classical recordings as well as iconic film soundtracks.

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Studio Two

Home to landmark recordings by The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Oasis, Adele and many more.

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Studio Three

Loved by everyone from prog rockers to post-punks. Pink Floyd recorded Dark Side Of The Moon here.

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Behind the scenes

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Inside Abbey Road

Google has opened the doors to Abbey Road Studios! Explore, discover and play inside the iconic British recording studio.

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