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Stem Mastering


Stem Mastering
at Abbey Road

Stem mastering is a process that offers greater control over the sonic shape and balance of your music.

Traditional mastering sees the engineer work on a single (stereo) mix file, adjusting the EQ and dynamics of the music as a whole, which can limit the possibilities to access problem areas of a mix.


"It’s almost like doing a mini mix before the final master. Oli has become an integral part of the process, he knows the music, understands what I’m trying to do, and is able to add that final piece to the puzzle." - Naylor, UK electronic producer


What are the benefits?

Stem mastering allows an engineer to more easily access and isolate individual elements of a mix, allowing them to adjust the EQ and dynamics of the music without compromise. The engineer may not need to make changes to every stem, but the process provides the option to do so.

Stem mastering can be as simple as working from two stems (e.g. vocal and instrumental) or multiple stems, more stems means greater flexibility and control.


Stem Mastering Delivery Formats

Abbey Road’s award-winning mastering team can offer stem mastering for the following formats:

Stereo master
Spatial audio master

The engineer can take stems of a stereo mix and create either a stereo or a spatial audio master, or both. For a spatial audio master to be effective, the engineer needs a minimum of six stems with more than 10 stems preferable.


Spatial Audio

Spatial audio allows an artist to present their music in the way they first heard it in the studio, by sharing the true depth, breadth and height of the music, giving it a richer and bolder sound. It’s a format that is increasingly being embraced by the major music platforms.


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