How Can I Get My Tracks Mastered at Abbey Road?

How Can I Get My Tracks Mastered at Abbey Road?

How can I get my tracks mastered at Abbey Road and why online mastering could be the ideal solution.

Mastering your tracks is essential to creating music that sounds as good as it can and is ready for commercial release.

And having a fresh pair of expert ears listen to your music makes a real difference to the quality of the finished product.

Abbey Road Studios may be the most famous recording studio in the world, but that doesn’t mean it’s only available for the biggest names with the biggest budgets.

Here we take a look at how anyone can take advantage of what we have to offer…

Can anyone get their track mastered at Abbey Road?

As you may have guessed – yes! Anyone, anywhere in the world can get their track mastered online at Abbey Road. If you’re creating music then all you need to do is send us the track (or tracks) and one of our engineers will work their magic.

How do I get the track to Abbey Road?

Build your project on our online mastering portal. Once you've paid, you can upload your files and view your project.

Our engineers do need you to upload your track in WAV or AIFF though, please!

The tracks should also be uncompressed stereo with some depth of at least 16bit, ideally 24bit and a sampling frequency of 44.1kHz up to 96kHz.

And no pre-processing using limiting or normalising – our team of engineers need as much headroom as possible to work with to make sure your tracks sound as good as possible when mastering.

It's also worth noting that no track can be longer than 10 minutes – so it might be worth having another think about that extended mix with the 18-minute fade out!

Can I choose which engineer does my online mastering?

Absolutely. Our mastering engineers have worked with the biggest artists in the world and are trusted by the likes of Aphex Twin, The Beatles, Björk and Ed Sheeran to master their music. We want all musicians to have access to that talent and when you log on to our portal you will be given a list of engineers to choose from.

It’s worth spending some time looking at all the engineers and their profiles and seeing who matches your needs.

The only thing you need to be aware of is that because our team are often incredibly busy, if you want a specific engineer, the turnround time may be a touch longer. If time is of the essence then there is a fast track option, but please be aware that if you specify an engineer when choosing the fast track option we cannot guarantee a 1-2 day turnaround.

What happens after I submit my tracks for online mastering?

Your music will get the same treatment with our online mastering service as the more ‘traditional’ approach.

All of our engineers have a slightly different way of doing things but, as soon as they can, they will listen to your music and begin the process of mastering using a mixture of digital and analogue technology – much of which can only be found at Abbey Road.

If you’d like to get a better understanding of the process and what exactly it is, then check out this piece on ‘what is online mastering?’

How will my mastered tracks be delivered to me?

Again, this is completely up to you. As standard we would supply you with a mastered 44.1kHz 24bit WAV to be downloaded from the portal. There are also options for other formats such as vinyl or CD which will be mailed to you as soon as ready.

Do I own the masters of my songs?

Completely. Totally. 100%. Once we supply you with the finished tracks they are yours to do with as you please. They are yours and you own them.

Abbey Road online mastering is the ideal solution for anyone, anywhere wanting to get their music ready for commercial release.

Learn more about online mastering with Abbey Road now!

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