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To ensure artists’ valuable catalogues are preserved for the future on secure hi-resolution formats, we have created proprietary systems to provide an unsurpassed service. Our highly skilled engineers oversee the transfer, preservation and restoration of material from a wide range of sources, from
both analogue and digital formats. Material is transferred to the highest possible technical specification  while staying faithful to the original recorded sound. We can digitise a wide range of analogue media,including reel-to-reel magnetic tape , vinyl records, 
shellac 78s and metal masters as well as digital material such as DASH, Pro-Digi, DAT, U-matic and Exabyte tapes. Our engineers and support staff will devise bespoke solutions for each individual project to ensure the optimum results for the client.

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Lucy Launder

Lucy Launder

Head of Mastering

  • +44 (0)20 7266 7000

Abbey Road Studios

3 Abbey Road

Please note that Abbey Road is a working studio and business and as such, is not open to the general public for visits or tours.

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Mastering & Archive Engineer

Matthew Cocker