Mastering Engineer


Mastering Engineer

Sean started out in sound by producing his own electronic music in a home studio. He joined us in 1995 and was promoted to the mastering team just two years later.

Since coming to Abbey Road, Sean has won a Grammy for his contribution to the 2009 Beatles Remasters. He's worked with the music of some of the world's biggest names in pop, rock and jazz, including, Deep Purple, John Lennon, Ramones, Duke Ellington, Nina Simone, Tina Turner, The Sex Pistols and Public Image Limited.

Renowned rock and blues guitarist Gary Moore worked with Sean on some of his final recordings, and in 2014, Sean was approached directly by legendary prog rock band Rush who wanted him to remaster their entire back catalogue.

With a typical week encompassing anything from 1950s classical recordings to jazz box sets and 70s prog rock, Sean specialises in all-analogue vinyl cutting and is equally comfortable working with both traditional analogue and cutting-edge digital equipment to distil the best out of every project.

Believing that no two jobs are ever the same, Sean's open-minded approach gives him a broader take on how differing genres should sound. He welcomes client attended sessions which enable artists to get involved in the mastering process and ensure they're happy with the result.


Ramones - Ramones (40th anniversary remaster)

The Beatles remasters (stereo and mono CD and vinyl)

John Lennon - John Lennon Signature Box

Rush vinyl remasters

Public Image LTD catalogue remasters

The Rolling Stones - The Rolling Stones In Mono (vinyl box set)

James Yorkston - Captain Beefheart (catalogue remaster)

The Alarm - various titles

Iron Maiden - vinyl remasters

Sex Pistols - various remasters


Live at Hammersmith 16/11/1976 (RSD 2024) - Thin Lizzy
Live At Racket, NYC (RSD 2024) - The Rolling Stones
Rolling Stones (RSD 2024) - The Rolling Stones
A Secret Life - Marianne Faithful
Aftermath (2023 Reissue) - The Rolling Stones
Between The Buttons (2023 Reissue) - The Rolling Stones
Excel (National Album Day Reissue) - 808 state
Forty Licks - The Rolling Stones
Happily, Painfully After - JJ Lin
Man (National Album Day Reissue) - Neneh Cherry
Rough Cuts - The Slits
Smile - Skindred
The Bones Of What You Believe (10th Anniversary Edition) - Chvrches
The Rolling Stones in Mono - The Rolling Stones
Twentysomething (20th Anniversary Edition) - Jamie Cullum
ZABA (Zoetrope Edition) - Glass Animals
Madman Across The Water (50th Anniversary Edition) - Elton John
Memories To Burn - The Williams Brothers
Regimental Sgt. Zippo - Elton John
Revolver (Special Edition) - The Beatles
Scorcha - Sean Paul
In Memory of My Feelings - Bernard Butler & Catherine Anne Davies
Permanent Waves - Rush
Traces - Steve Perry
The Route To The Harmonium - James Yorkston
Back Catalogue (Vinyl Remaster) - Soul-Coughing
Complete Back Catalogue (Vinyl + Hi Res Remaster) - Rush
For All The Cats - Marc Bolan & T. Rex
Lennon (2015 Vinyl Remaster) - John Lennon
Love Letters In The Age Of Steam - Christian-Fitness
Mercury Living Presence Box Set (Vinyl Remaster) - Various Artists
Talk About You - Mika
The Three Tenors 25th Anniversary (Vinyl Remaster) - The Three Tenors
A Beard Of Stars (CD + Vinyl Remasters) - Tyrannosaurus-Rex
All 80s Albums (Vinyl Remasters) - Iron Maiden
All The Voices Box Set (Vinyl Remaster) - INXS
Back Catalogue (LP Vinyl + CD Remasters) - Bijelo Dugme
Enduring Days You Will Overcome - Electric Litany
Every Man and Woman Is A Star (Vinyl Master) - Ultramarine
Going Back Home (Vinyl Master) - Wilko Johnson / Roger Daltrey
Made In Japan Box Set (Vinyl Remaster) - Deep Purple
Never Mind The Bollocks Here's The Sex Pistols (Alternative Takes) - Sex-Pistols
Nightclubbing (Vinyl Remaster) - Grace Jones
Old Man Reverb - The Jigsaw Seen
Prophets, Seers & Sages The Angels Of The Ages (CD + Vinyl Remaster) - Tyrannosaurus Rex
The Beatles In Mono (Vinyl Remaster) - The Beatles
The Cellardyke Recording and Wassailing Society - James Yorkston
The Complete Collection (CD + Vinyl Remastering) - Monty Python's Total Rubbish
The Dark Of Consent - Prude
Downhill - Rhys Williams
How To Stop Your Brain In An Accident - Future Of The Left
Human Death - Future Of The Left
Love Songs For Our Husbands - Future Of The Left
Portrait In Blues Volume 6 (Vinyl Remaster) - Lonnie Johnson
Seven Hours - Douglas Dare
Tell Where I Lie - Fossil Collective
The Lowdown Back Porch Blues (Vinyl Remaster) - Louisiana Red
1992 The Love Album (Remaster) - Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine
30 Something (Remaster) - Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine
Feel Good (Vinyl Remaster) - Ike & Tina
The Cool School (Vinyl Remaster) - June Christy
The Pines - Phantom Limb
The Plot Against Common Sense - Future Of The Left
Second Edition (Remastered) - Public Image Limited
The Beatles - The Beatles