What is Online Mastering? | #ProductionHub

What is Online Mastering? | #ProductionHub

The facts, benefits and how to get your track mastered at Abbey Road Studios

After the writing, recording and mixing of a song, mastering is often seen as the last creative step before your track gets released.

But what exactly is mastering? And does online mastering differ from the ‘traditional’ process?

We take a look at what exactly online mastering is and why Abbey Road Studios could be the perfect solution for your online mastering needs – beginning with the basics…

What is mastering?

Before getting into online mastering, it’s important to understand what mastering itself is.

Mastering is the very last stage in the process of releasing your track – the final polish to ensure everything sounds as good as it possibly can. It can make tracks sound bigger, brighter, louder etc. and is an essential step in getting a brilliant final track.

Mastering is also done to ensure consistency of sound across formats such as albums. It helps make sure the tracks fit together seamlessly and that the sound doesn’t vary, meaning it’s a far more cohesive piece of work. Things such as pauses between tracks and fade-outs are all part of the mastering process.

A mastering engineer is also able to provide a key ingredient to releasing great music – objectivity. If you’re writing, recording and mixing your own music, often spending weeks and months with a track, having a fresh pair of ears listen is invaluable in creating a product ready for commercial release.

However, it’s important to realise that mastering isn’t just the last step in the mixing process. It’s a completely different stage with completely different goals.

No huge changes in the track can take place during the mastering – you won’t be able to get your acoustic ballad to sound like a pounding techno track. It’s about the final touches to ensure your audience hears the true intent and emotion behind your music.

For a wider explanation, glossary of terms and mixing tips and tricks, read our What Is Mastering & Why Is It Important? blog.

What is online mastering?

So what’s the difference between mastering and online mastering?

If you get your track mastered online at Abbey Road then the answer is very little.

Online mastering gives you access to Abbey Road from anywhere in the world. Meaning our Grammy award-winning engineers and our unique vintage and state-of-the-art equipment is at your disposal.

All you need to do is provide us with the tracks you want to get mastered, give us as much information as possible (including a brief with any specific requirements for the project) and we'll take it from there, using the same equipment and engineers as a ‘normal’ mastering session.

How can I get my track mastered online at Abbey Road Studios?

It’s incredibly simple to get your track mastered at Abbey Road.

When you build your project (which takes seconds), you will be given your own portal where you can upload tracks, organise, and edit your projects.

There, you will also be able to choose which engineer you'd like to work with and what formats you want your tracks supplied in – from MP3 to 12” vinyl.

Our messaging service within the portal allows you to communicate with your chosen engineer to address any questions or make any requests you have regarding the project.

There are also fast track options so you can get a song mastered in as little as 48 hours.

One set of revisions is included, and your finished project will either be available as a WAV file for download or sent out via post if a physical format is requested.

It’s as simple as that!

Our online mastering service gives every musician the chance to get their track mastered by the best in the business at the most famous recording studio in the world.

Learn even more about Abbey Road Studios online mastering on our here

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