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The home of countless landmark recordings and technological breakthroughs, Abbey Road Studios has played an integral role in the evolution of modern music. The first purpose-built recording studio in the world, Abbey Road has striven to be at the forefront of musical endeavour for more than 80 years, and houses a number of technically advanced recording and mixing facilities. The studios offer a unique blend of digital technology alongside custom built vintage equipment. Many of the world's most celebrated artists, producers, composers and orchestras have worked at Abbey Road and it continues to attract generation after generation of remarkable talent.

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From analogue tape machines and vintage microphones to high end digital and analogue mixing consoles, the unique array of equipment on offer at Abbey Road is second to none. While treading in the footsteps of giants at the Studios, you can take your pick from any of the extensive selection of often custom built equipment used to record at the studio over the years. Our extensive microphone collection encompasses the finest models from the past 80 years, while our carefully selected loudspeakers provide equal clarity at the opposite end of the signal chain.

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Please note that Abbey Road is a working studio and business and as such, is not open to the general public for visits or tours. For information on vacancies and internships in the UK, please visit the Universal Music website.