My Abbey Road: Lucy Launder #AbbeyRoad90

21st August 2021

Our Head of Mastering, who has built up a world class post-production team, is the latest addition to our 90th-anniversary series. Reminiscing on her time at the studios over the decades, from the music to the friends, Lucy recalls one extraordinary recording from 1999 with Nanci Griffith and the London Symphony Orchestra.


What does Abbey Road Studios mean to you

Abbey Road has been part of my life for nearly 25 years and as corny as it may sound, it really feels like I am part of a big extended family, with it’s ups and downs but never boring. Abbey Road has given me music, confidence, and friends for life and I’m glad that I can say I feel like I’ve also given back something building up a mastering, remastering and archiving team that will carry on the tradition of excellence I have always been proud to be part of.

Lucy's Favourite Memory...

So many but probably my favourite times have been sitting in the Abbey Road garden with a glass of wine, sunshine and laughter with some of my friends and colleagues from the studio.

Lucy's Favourite Recording...

Nanci Griffith’s The Dust Bowl Symphony album recorded in 1999. Consists of songs Nanci had previously released on other albums but re-recorded in Studio One with the London Symphony Orchestra, a blend of one of my favourite female folk singers with an orchestral backing recorded in the greatest studio in the world. And I had the pleasure of sharing a pint of Guinness at the Abbey Road bar with her.

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