My Abbey Road: Rob Cass #AbbeyRoad90

Hear some of the producer and leader of Cave Productions’ star-studded stories from his years working at Abbey Road.

From running into Paul McCartney in the canteen, working with legends like Brian May, Bernie Marsden, Ginger Baker and Kirk Hammett, to producing Jack Bruce’s final album Silver Rails in 2014.


What does Abbey Road mean to you?

"To me Abbey Road first and foremost is like a family. Over the many years I’ve worked there I’ve met an incredible group of people that have become dear friends who’ve never let me down. They are the best of the best!"

 Rob Cass, Ginger Baker, Bernie Marsden, Pete Brown &  Joe Bonamassa in Studio Two

Rob Cass, Ginger Baker, Bernie Marsden, Pete Brown & Joe Bonamassa in Studio Two


Your favourite personal moment or memory?

"I was once sitting in the canteen and in walks Paul McCartney who sits down at my table and said, 'Hi I’m Paul...' We sat there just shooting the breeze and every so often I’m just thinking, 'It’s Macca!! It’s really him!'"


Your favourite recording?

"It would have to be Jack Bruce’s album Silver Rails which I was producing in Studio Three. 

I remember looking out from the desk into the recording area and there was Jack, Cindy Blackman (Santana) on drums and Phil 
(Roxy Music) on guitar. In the control room was Jools Holland’s brass section writing out their charts...

I remember thinking, “How did I end up here!?” Surreal and magical. These are moments you treasure and never forget at Abbey Road.


With Jack Bruce in 2014


Pearse MacIntyre & Brian May

With Roachford

Kirk Hammett & Chris Bolster in the Front Room

With Bernie Marsden in Studio One Control Room

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