My Abbey Road: Chris Buchanan... #AbbeyRoad90

27th November 2021

My Abbey Road... with Chris Buchanan

The legendary Chris Buchanan is up next in our My Abbey Road series! Chris began his time at the Studios in 1972 as a Junior Technical Engineer; from installing the first new EMI Transfer console to recording lead vocals in a band called Carnival - discover Chris' Abbey Road journey below!


Chris' Abbey Road

I started at Abbey Road in 1972 as Junior Technical Engineer based in the Lab on the top floor. The Lab consisted of a test and maintenance area adjoining the Chief Engineer’s office.

Lester, myself and Len Page installed the first new EMI Transfer Console in Cutting Room 6, the TG 12410 designed by Mike Batchelor. Meanwhile, Pink Floyd were in recording The Dark Side of the Moon with Alan Parsons.

Chris' Favourite Memory

In 1974 there was a big Christmas party held in Studio Two. The main event was a show with lots of daft sketches. I was the holiday camp type compère trying to deal with a somewhat chaotic and under-rehearsed show. There were constant calls of “pad it out” behind the curtains to cover the delays between sketches. The next day Chief Engineer Mike Batchelor told me off for telling slightly smutty jokes!

Chris' Favourite Recording

In 1983 A group of us under the name Carnival, with me on lead vocals, release a single entitled Wake Up, Don’t Be Sheep. It was reviewed in Music Week and played half a dozen times on National Radio. It didn’t do anything but we had a lot of fun making it.

In 1991 I also whistled on a Christmas TV ad for Quality Street chocolates. You never know what opportunities arise at Abbey Road!

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