How To Record a Demo on Your Phone with Abbey Road Studios

29th May 2019
As a songwriter or musician, your demo is your calling card. It can help you expand your audience, and get you noticed, so it's important to get it right. Contrary to popular belief, demo recordings don't have to be elaborate or expensive. If your songs are great, listeners will hear it.

This is where Abbey Road's Topline App is here to help. Topline is an audio recording app, designed to capture the initial step of the song-writing process; the ever-fleeting spark of imagination, a random lyric, melody line or guitar riff and help the artist to build it into a simple demo of a song.

The app allows artists to import an instrumental and record up to 3 layers of sound on top of it (for example beat, instrumental, and vocal), write lyrics and notes and collaborate with other artists easily.

Record Your Demo with Abbey Road's Topline

Record up to three layers of audio in a single project

Organise your projects with tags and find using map feature

Convert projects to M4A (IOS) or MP3 (Android) and share via email