Topline App Releases New Features For Artists & Songwriters

Topline App Releases New Features For Artists & Songwriters

New Updates To Topline IOS App

You asked, and we listened! Today marks the release of an exciting new update for our Topline app, bringing a whole host of new functionality to the App that further cements it as the go-to solution for singers and songwriters looking to capture song ideas in the moment. We worked closely with artists and musicians to design and implement these updates as-per the requests of musicians using the App.


What Are The New Features?

Users now have the opportunity to add reverb to their tracks with a selection of 9 impulse responses ranging from a small room to cathedral, and a horizontal slider to control the reverb amount from dry to wet.

There is a new mixer panel, allowing you to have control over multiple channels when changing the balance or muting and soloing a project. Bluetooth connectivity has been enabled which allows Bluetooth headphones to be connected and used to record audio into the App - making it ideal to now connect with your Airpods! Cosmetic changes have also been made on the interface: the knobs on the Mixer have been changed to “M” buttons for muting each track, the backward arrow has been changed to the word ‘Undo’, and we've included new onboarding screens when entering the app. This allows users more clarity when using the App.

As well as that, smaller issues have been addressed, such as improvements with latency, a new audio core, and automatic mono to stereo conversion of imported audio tracks have also been improved.


What is Topline?

Abbey Roads elegantly-engineered Topline app helps you catch them instantly and precisely before that valuable moment is lost. You can share files easily, sing over imported tracks, add lyrics, tags and pictures, find previous work super-fast, and always have space for new ideas by synching songs to your favourite cloud. To develop Topline, we worked closely with emerging songwriters and producers from across London to understand their creative needs. They all shared a big concern about losing original song ideas either through not being able to capture them easily when they occurred or by finding it impossible to locate them later.

We decided to solve this challenge for artists by designing an intuitive and ingeniously simple to use app with music at its heart. The result is Topline, the latest in a continuing series of innovations designed to bring the Abbey Road magic closer to music makers whenever and wherever they create.

Topline Songwriting Competition Winner - Eloise Kate

Take a listen to Eloise Kate's track created entirely with Topline, and which songwriter Jamie Scott crowned as his winner for our Songwriting Competition.


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