Songwriting Competition Winner Eloise Kate on Using Abbey Road's Topline App

Songwriting Competition Winner Eloise Kate on Using Abbey Road's Topline App

13th August 2020

You may have seen we’ve added some exciting new updates to our songwriting app, Topline, for IOS users. This includes the addition of reverb, a new mixer panel, bluetooth connectivity and many more. Try for yourself by heading over to the App Store.

To celebrate, we are sharing stories from the Abbey Road music-making community who have been using the app throughout lockdown to capture their songs ideas and melodies. We start with singer-songwriter Eloise Kate, one of the four winners from our songwriting competition launched back in May. Eloise was given the opportunity of a feedback session with songwriter Jamie Scott who has worked with the likes of One Direction, Rag’n’Bone Man, Rudimental and Jess Glynne.

We caught up with Eloise to discuss her feedback session with Jamie, her songwriting process at home and how she created her winning track entirely on Topline.

Abbey Road talks to Singer-Songwriter Eloise Kate

Can you talk us through your feedback session with Jamie Scott?

During the session, I was able to talk to Jamie about my track and he also shared with me some possible ways to go about producing the track which was super helpful. Overall it was an awesome experience and Jamie was happy to answer all the questions I had. One of the key pieces of advice Jamie gave me was in relation to the music industry and contacting smaller publishing companies to start off with.  

What has happened since your session?

Since my session, I finished writing and recording a series of singles at home which will hopefully be released towards the end of the year. I also finished my degree and handed in my Dissertation! 

How did you use Abbey Road’s Topline app within your track?

To record my track, I took advantage of the multiple layers in the Topline app. This was extremely helpful to me as I love to experiment with vocal harmonies. Before I discovered Topline I struggled to record harmony ideas with the regular voice memo app. Topline really bought my ideas to life. 

You can listen to the track below.


How do you write at home? Do you use apps like Topline?

When writing at home, the method is different every time! Sometimes I start with lyrics, other times a guitar/ piano part, and sometimes both! 

When I feel inspiration for a track I’ll usually sit at the piano or grab my guitar and improvise with ideas until I get maybe a melody or lyric that I like. I then go back and refine that idea until the song is done. Since discovering Topline, I’ve definitely used it more to draft out our ideas once I have a rough structure together for a track. I find that it helps with the recording process.  I think Topline is awesome and I’d recommend it to other artists! It’s very user friendly and a great addition to my songwriting process. 
Thank you to Eloise for taking the time out to speak to us. You can listen to more of her music here, and download the latest version of Topline below!

Download Topline on IOS

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