Heir Release New Single Fear of Falling Recorded in Studio Three with Ken Scott

Leeds-based five-piece Heir have debuted their eagerly-awaited new single Fear of Falling - out now.

The slice of throwback pop was recorded in Studio Three, engineered by Abbey Road's John Barrett produced by former Abbey Road engineer Ken Scott, who has famously worked with such icons as The Beatles, David Bowie, Pink Floyd and Elton John.
The opportunity to record at Abbey Road was new territory for Heir whose previous singles were all recorded in their home studio. They were approached about the session when multi-Grammy Award nominee Ken Scott was on the lookout for a band to work with as part of his role as visiting professor at Leeds Beckett University. Excited by their unique sound and the songwriting of five-piece band Heir, he invited them down to work with him at Abbey Road Studios in 2019 before the Covid-19 outbreak.

Lead vocalist Tom Hammond explained: "Working with Ken was a wonderful experience - one that at the time we took as if it was a once in a lifetime moment. I was brought up on artists such as Elton John and Supertramp and Ste (Guitarist + Songwriter) wouldn't have ventured into music had it not been for The Beatles' records. We owe a lot of our influences musically to the records that Ken brought to life, so, as you can imagine, it was other-worldly to be able to work with him in the place where so many of those records were born.

Once we were in there with him, it felt as though he understood us as people and musicians (like a friend of the family who has seen all your influences and grafting along the way would). I suppose that's a huge part of what makes a great producer - being able to make the artist comfortable and feel like they can be vulnerable and raw in the studio. Ken is a master of that. Thankfully Ken enjoys our music too and is a good friend of the band now. We are looking forward to future sessions with him!"
Originally from South London, Ken Scott worked at Abbey Road between 1964 and 1969, playing an influential role in recording artists such as The Beatles, Jeff Beck Group, Pink Floyd, the Pretty Things. After living in America from 1976 - 2016, he then moved back to England to take up a position at Leeds Beckett University. It was whilst working at the University, Kent met Heir: "Working with Heir was really easy and, most importantly, fun. Initially I liked their sense of melody, their songs, and once I got them in the studio at Leeds Beckett University I discovered they were excellent musicians. Having already worked with them I knew they could cut it in the big league.
The final result of last year's memorable session at Abbey Road was the '80s-inspired, self-penned Fear of Falling. Listen now.