'Ask Abbey Road' - Senior Recording Engineer Andrew Dudman

In the latest edition of Music Tech’s ‘Ask Abbey Road’ Q&A series, your questions have been put to senior recording engineer, Andrew Dudman

With an incredible 21 years of experience at the facility, he’s earned awards for his work on Disney's Brave and The Fellowship Of The Ring. He’s also recorded scores for huge films such as Hacksaw Ridge and Baby Driver and games including Killzone 3 and Uncharted 3. His extraordinary résumé goes on to include tracks recorded with Underworld and Elbow and many more classical recordings.

This time, Dudman fields your questions on recording, using virtual instruments alongside real instruments and ways to get extra bass into movie soundtrack recordings.

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You can put your own questions to engineer John Barrett (The Shape Of Water, Black Panther) for the next edition of Ask Abbey Road, now.