Abbey Road Red launches- ‘Red Turntables’ – Week One Recap

Abbey Road Red's Karim Fanous recaps on week one of ‘Red Turntables’

Last week at Abbey Road Red, we launched our Red Turntables one-to-one remote mentoring sessions for all music tech start-ups out there. We have had an amazing response with a huge amount of sign ups, and are grateful to friends in our network for sharing the initiative so broadly.

Last Thursday, we kicked off speaking to founders and technologists from the UK to the US, Portugal, Russia and South America, discussing both very new ideas and the challenges of continued growth in this environment. We covered everything from source separation to niche label services, novel plug-in processing techniques, live streaming, adaptive music, mobile multi-tracks and more. It was uplifting to see such a breadth of ideas, talent and optimism!

This week we’re looking forward to round two, or should I say our second spin or spin II. Slots are filling up fast, so make sure you sign up here, if you’re interested in chatting with us about your idea, start-up or scale-up.