Abbey Road Equalise Celebrates International Transgender Day Of Visibility


Hosted By Trans*/Gender Diverse Industry Leaders and Rising Talents, Abbey Road Studios Announces The Release of a Mini Documentary and Panel Talk For International Transgender* Day of Visibility on 31 March 2021

To celebrate International Transgender Day of Visibility on 31 March, Abbey Road Studios announces the release of a mini documentary and panel talk, hosted by Trans*/Gender Diverse industry leaders. Both activities are part of Abbey Road Equalise - a programme launched by the Studios in 2020, which aims to provide basic tools, knowledge and support to inspire and empower anyone to enter the music industry.

The mini documentary was filmed at Abbey Road Studios during a one-day recording session with a fully Trans*/GD production team and artist, including award-winning producer Charlie Deakin Davies, engineer Max Blue Churchill, producer Jesley Faye and contemporary pop artist Andrea Di Giovanni. The aim of this film is to normalise the roles of Trans*/Gender Diverse identifying people within the studio and to educate, by providing the right language to address people in these spaces and to direct people exploring their identity to safe, friendly and responsible resources.

The team is working with SPECTRA, an organisation who offer non-judgmental, accessible, peer-led services and support to marginalised and disadvantaged communities in London, to oversee the content and ensure everything is accurately conveyed

On 31 March, Abbey Road Studios will also host a panel talk titled ‘Becoming An Artist, Producer and Engineer as a Trans*/ Gender Diverse Person with Max Blue Churchill, Jesley Faye, Charlie Deakin-Davies, Andrea Di Giovanni and Parris OH’.

Becoming An Artist, Producer and Engineer as a Trans*/ Non-Binary / Gender Diverse Person

The panel will begin with a discussion about the speakers’ careers so far and the challenges they’ve had to face and overcome along the way. Topics will include the skills you need to become an engineer, how to get your first break and general tips for Trans*/Gender Diverse producers and engineers that are just getting started. The panel will then take questions from the live audience. For information on ticketing visit here. Further information on the individual speakers below.