My Abbey Road: Jill Furmanovsky #AbbeyRoad90

My Abbey Road: Jill Furmanovsky #AbbeyRoad90

16th July 2021

The legendary music photographer, and previous Abbey Road artist-in-residence, is the latest addition to our 90th anniversary series; sharing her memories of waiting outside the Abbey Road gates as a Beatles’ obsessive, to finally making her way into the building in 1975 to photograph Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here sessions.


What does Abbey Road Studios mean to you?

Abbey Road was the Mecca for me a signed up member of the Beatles fan club. I was longing to see inside, especially inside Studio Two where The Beatles made their magic. I even wrote a letter to the studios asking if I could do just that for my school magazine. (See draft letter and the reply from 1967.)

The refusal didn't put me off. I still spent many hours hanging about outside even though I was too young to be a genuine Apple Scruff; they got to run errands for Beatles tour manager Mal Evans, like buying milk for tea or cigarettes. We once saw the guys arriving in their Mini Cooper with darkened windows. That was a thrill. Even more miraculous was meeting Paul McCartney in St. John's Wood outside his home one day. That is where this picture was taken. It was in fact my very first rock shot!

Jill's reply from Abbey Road Studios


Jill's Favourite Memory...

Although not much of Be Here Now by Oasis ended up on the record, in 1996 the band moved their gear into the hallowed space that is Studio 2 to begin making that album. They were so overwhelmed with its history that not a lot of work got done, rather they lounged about in listening to Beatles albums before moving on to other studios. However that initial experience began a long working relationship between the members of Oasis and Abbey Road Studios that continues to this day. I also had the privilege of being their artist in residence for a year. What more can I say. It is genuinely a magical place....

Jill's Favourite Recording...

It has to be when I was finally allowed through the front door in 1975. A newly minted photographer I was asked to photograph Pink Floyd, who were recording Wish You Were Here in Studio Three. OMG that was a dream come true and also one of the greatest albums ever made.

Picture of Sir Paul McCartney taken by Jill with two of her school friends.


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