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Research & Innovation


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We work with the brightest minds in music technology development and academic research, to investigate early stage emerging technologies and co-develop innovative new products. The music industry is evolving and adapting to new technologies. Here at Red we are interested in new technologies that provide new ways to create, capture, manipulate and reproduce audio. Currently some of our main areas of interest include Artificial Intelligence applications for music, VR/ AR/ MR, Source Separation and Spatial Audio. Want to collaborate with Abbey Road on your research project? Send us a message using the form at the bottom of this page.

Topline App

Designed by Musicians for Musicians

Abbey Road’s elegantly-engineered Topline app helps you catch them instantly and precisely before that valuable moment is lost. You can share files easily, sing over imported tracks, add lyrics, tags and pictures, find previous work super-fast, and always have space for new ideas by synching songs to your favourite cloud.

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Source Separation Technology

Our De-mix process opens up access to previously locked recordings, allowing audio engineers to craft new mixes and masters. Creating a superior listening experience for music fans, our De-mix process reinvigorates catalogue and breathes new life into forgotten tracks or bootlegs.

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