De-mix Technology


De-mix is a revolution in sound technology.

Designed by Abbey Road Studios’ technology team and award-winning engineers, our De-mix process opens up access to previously locked recordings, allowing audio engineers to craft new mixes and masters. Creating a superior listening experience for music fans, our De-mix process reinvigorates catalogue and breathes new life into forgotten tracks or bootlegs.

The new process unlocks mono recordings or those where full multi-tracks do not exist, allowing our engineers to adjust the balance and levels of instruments and vocals within a track, to rebuild, rebalance and remix the recording. For remastering projects, De-mixing allows our engineers to perform targeted EQ balancing. For example, the engineer can adjust and EQ a bass guitar without any impact on the vocals or drums.

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De-mix Process


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De-mixing The Rolling Stones

Abbey Road’s James Clarke and Lewis Jones talk about De-mixing The Rolling Stones and share ‘before’ and ‘after’ samples of Satisfaction


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