Inside the Waves Abbey Road Chambers Plugin

31st July 2018

Introducing our latest collaboration with Waves Audio - Abbey Road Chambers. Recreating a defining part of Abbey Road Studios’ legendary sonic signature, the original chamber setup has been used on countless classic recordings by The Beatles and beyond.

Abbey Road Chambers puts you at the controls of the legendary Studio Two echo chamber, complete with vintage Neumann KM53 microphones, the original Altec 605 speaker and a complete recreation of the long lost S.T.E.E.D. (Send. Tape. Echo. Echo. Delay.) setup – a system designed to extend the chamber’s natural sonic palette into new territories. It also gives you an additional set of the original filters going into the chamber – EMI’s RS106 hi/low pass filter and the EMI RS127 Presence EQ – to further sculpt the perfect chamber sound.

Our very own Mirek Stiles introduces you to the Abbey Road Chambers, guiding you through the rich history of the Studio Two echo chambers and its evolution into a Waves plugin.


“Abbey Road Chambers is my new favorite reverb: it’s great on everything. I love the depth and width it gives a sound, or how it can put a sound in your face. Like all my favorite reverbs, it has the musicality to melt into the mix in a unique way.” - Dave Pensado, Grammy Award-winning mixing engineer.



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