Women in Music - Abbey Road talks to Dion Peters

Im learning as I go. Dion says to us as we sit down and talk in the Gatehouse Studio at Abbey Road. Ive not been doing this for long, but Im learning as I go. While Dion may well not have been working as a manager for a comparatively long time, the recentsuccess of her client, and son, Novelist, has shown that she has a natural talent for this work. Joining the music industry recently as a manager after working as Key Worker, helping homeless women in London, Dion is a mother of four and balances managing a family with managing her artists. With Mothers day on the approach, we wanted to shine a light on the fantastic women working in music and the incredible work they do each and every day - Dion wonderfully epitomises the women we meet in the music industry; tenacious, devotedand infinitelypassionate about what she does. Thats why we wanted to sit down with her and discuss her work and the thoughts she has on the music industry. Its no real secret that the career path she has recently stepped into is one predominantly inhabited by men, as Dion herself notes Of all the artists that approach me and send me work, Id say about 90% are men.

And as Novelists career blossoms andhe comes into his own as an artist, it seemsthat Dion is fated to do the same. We spoke to her at an exciting time,Novelists debut album approaches its release date, he garners more and more attention from the music press daily and 2018 has the potential to be a formative year for Grimes newest poster boy. So how exactly does she feel about the industry she has just entered, what advice would she give to other women looking to enter the industry and how does managing her own son at such a pivotalmoment in his career feel? Watch the full interview below.