Waves & Abbey Road Studios present Chambers: a true to life capture of the legendary Studio Two Echo Chamber

Our latest collaboration with Waves Audio is Abbey Road Chambers, which gives a true-to-life capture of the legendary Studio Two echo chamber (shown below). Originally developed by the first generation of Abbey Road pop engineers to create exciting reverbs, delays and other unique spatial effects. It would eventually be used on classic recordings by The Beatles and Pink Floyd and could easily be described as the defining vocal sound on almost all 60s pop recording done at Abbey Road. Only two weeks into its release and already its one of the Waves / Abbey Road most popular plug ins. Our Head of Audio Products Mirek Stiles takes you through the history of the evolution of the Studio Two Echo Chamber and how it became part of our plugin collection with Waves.
Click here to watch to video. Nigel Jopson reviews the Waves / Abbey Road Chambers in the latest issue of Resolution Magazine. The verdict: "The best room simulator for rock and pop I have ever heard. Fast to adjust. Tape delay and EQ can be used independently or combined with a chamber three plug ins in one". He describes: "There's much scope for tuning. Chamber 2 speakers can be switched between Altec/ BW facing the wall/ room, microphones can be switched from Neuman KM53 to Shoeps MK2H, either in classic position (behind the sewer pipes, facing away from the speaker), right against the wall, or in the room. The biggest tone changer is the loudspeaker: the Altec has a more aggressive high-mid tone, while the hi-fi BW model adds ambience without occupying the key vocal spectrum". More info.