The Winner of our Film Scoring Competition with Arturo Cardelús...Jenny Plant!

Jenny Plant Selected at Arturo's Winner of our Film Scoring Competition!

Throughout August, we had been inviting composers across all level to score a scene from Buñuel in the Labyrinth of the Turtles for the opportunity of a personal feedback session with the film’s composer, Arturo Cardelús! 10 entries were shortlisted by Abbey Road engineers Lewis Jones, Andrew Dudman and John Barrett.

Arturo has since gone through the final 10 entries and selected his winner. We’re thrilled to announce that the winner of our film scoring competition, in collaboration with BFI and composer Arturo Cardelús, is singer-songwriter and pianist, Jenny Plant!

Jenny Plant's Winning Entry

Arturo chose Jenny’s emotive cue as his winner explaining:“Jenny’s music has captured the essence of the scene in a very special way. She centers the children and conveys their innocence and pure joy. The music contributes to the scene without overpowering it. Great job!” Arturo also wanted to give a special recognition to the score of Angel Vazquez's work.

Jenny will now have the chance to work with Arturo during a 30-minute online feedback session. Congratulations, Jenny, and thanks to all who participated.