The Art of Recording [Vol 1]: Out of Thin Air

The Art of Recording [Vol 1]: Out of Thin Air

20th June 2023
We’re thrilled to announce The Art of Recording [Vol 1]: Out of Thin Air.

Made in collaboration with Rick Guest's Legacy + Art collective, this photographic fine art series of hyper-detailed, large format artworks reveal in incredible detail our iconic microphone collection and their historical patina.
Photos: Carsten Windhorst
The microphones in the collection are the conduits to some of the most iconic recording sessions of all time, and the large format, high resolution artworks created by Legacy+Art unequivocally celebrate the witness marks and patina of the culture defining sessions that are etched into their surface.

The series of images contain microphones used on culture defining sessions by artists from The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Ella Fitzgerald, Cilla Black, Fela Kuti and Shirley Bassey, to Oasis, Kate Bush, Amy Winehouse, Frank Ocean, Celeste and Adele, amongst an array of others.
[*Come Together*](

Come Together

Neumann U48

Photo: © Paul McCartney Photographer: Linda McCartney. All rights reserved

Photo: © Paul McCartney Photographer: Linda McCartney. All rights reserved

Producer and composer Giles Martin says:

“There is a tangible bond and intimacy between a singer and a microphone. For over 90 years, Abbey Road has been home to some of the greatest recordings of all time with some of the greatest voices in history. From Glenn Miller to Ella Fitzgerald, The Beatles and Pink Floyd, this unique collection of photographs from Rick Guest’s Legacy+Art Collective perfectly illustrates the role these extraordinary microphones have played in the creation of the music we love.”

By using one fine art form to describe another, Legacy+Art has created hyper-detailed, large format artworks that are alive in the most incredible detail, revealing how each iconic recording artist and session has left behind their own visceral fingerprint.

Each final image is composited from up to 100 individual photographic frames of varying focal depth and lighting, in order to achieve a resolution, definition and clarity that can reveal every mark and scratch etched into each microphone’s surface, linking us directly to the recording artist and the incredible music created with it.
[*Fela & Ginger*](

Fela & Ginger


Fela Kuti and Ginger Baker *Live!*, 1971

Fela Kuti and Ginger Baker Live!, 1971

Photo: © UMG Archive

[*Over The Rainbow*](

Over The Rainbow


Judy Garland, 1960

Judy Garland, 1960

Photo: Snap / Shutterstock


Own your own piece of Abbey Road history.
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