Spatial Audio Forum at York University

7th August 2018
The University of York kindly hosted the latest Abbey Road Spatial Audio Forum on the 25th July. This amazing team of experts brings together artists, producers, engineers, academics, film, broadcast, VR and gaming to share research and results of practical experimentation, with the main objective being to find new, creative approaches within three-dimensional sound. This month we focused on the current tools and resources available to content creators and more importantly, what is missing and how we can remedy that. We had some great outcomes and exciting action points to follow up on watch this space. Below is Abbey Road Red's Hashim Riaz passionately explaining the benefits of Spatial Audio to David Black from Mixed Immersion, not that David needs to be convinced! Mixed Immersion is a 3D Audio Production company with a focus on creating amazing immersive experiences within experiential, virtual reality, augmented reality live performance.
Lead BBC Audio RD Engineer Chris Pike experiencing the 50 speaker Lebedev grid in all its glory. The rig is based on the work of Russian mathematician Vyacheslav Ivanovich Lebedev and his surface integral theory over a three-dimensional sphere. The rig was set up to play up to 5th order Ambisonics and sounds rather spectacular, it's quite an experience. Many thanks to our host Dr Gavin Kearney from York Uni for having the gang over to play. Also a thanks to all members who attended in person and via Skype, and for anyone who couldn't make it we look forward to seeing you next time. Oh and a special shout to Yoni Zlotkin from Waves Audio who came all the way from Israel to say hello!