Okay Kaya: Abbey Road Amplify X Pitchfork London Sessions

Okay Kaya: Abbey Road Amplify X Pitchfork London Sessions

30th March 2023

Last week we were thrilled to announce details of our second Amplify X Pitchfork London series.

Reeling off the viral success of her hit song, Mother Nature’s Bitch and five albums deep into her career, the sixth episode in this series sees Norwegian-American musician Okay Kaya delve deep into her craft, explaining her various songwriting, production and recording techniques.
We were thrilled to reveal details of our second Amplify x Pitchfork London series, in partnership with leading American music publication Pitchfork. Abbey Road Amplify x Pitchfork London sees a number of artists playing the Pitchfork London festival come into the studios to work with Abbey Road’s engineers and record something new.

The second series launched with Yaya Bey and still to be released are sessions that include I.Jordan x Planningtorock and Hinako Omori.
The sessions are documented on film, with revealing interviews about the songwriting, recording and production process captured, as well as insights into each artist’s journey. Abbey Road Studios’ Pitchfork London series launched in 2021 with sessions from Cassandra Jenkins, Iceage, L’Rain and Emma-Jean Thackray.
Okay Kaya is the project of Kaya Wilkins, a Norwegian singer/songwriter/model/actor whose unflinching insights cut all the deeper thanks to her knowing wit and smoky vocals.

Her latest album, SAP, was released in 2022 and explores themes of consciousness. Most songs on the album unfold with guest performances from artists as varied as Deem Spencer, L'Rain's Taja Cheek and the Moldy Peaches' Adam Green.

After touring Europe in support of SAP, she’s taking her realm of childlike wonder to the US for a new Spring tour beginning this April.

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