Music Production 101 Masterclass with Abbey Road’s Marta Di Nozzi & Sarah Meyz

Music Production 101 Masterclass with Abbey Road’s Marta Di Nozzi & Sarah Meyz

Hosted by female industry leaders and rising talent, get ready for a day of free talks and masterclasses at Angel Studios on Saturday 5 March.

Providing masterclasses with a number of the music industries’ leading women and panel talks with some of the UK’s most exciting rising female talent, the week long series will shine a light on both the artist and production career paths available in the music industry. The Abbey Road Equalise IWD Festival will also provide multiple one to one mentoring from the Abbey Road team.

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Music Production 101 Masterclass with Abbey Road’s Marta Di Nozzi & Sarah Meyz

Marta Di Nozzi, assistant engineer at Abbey Road Studios, and Sarah Meyz, runner, will provide invaluable insight into their career paths so far, the fundamentals of how a studio operates and the key skills and requirements you need to excel in the role. Marta and Sarah will then give a short “how-to” Pro Tools session to give an understanding of how recording and mixing works, before opening up to a general Q and A with the live audience.


About Marta

In love with music from a very young age, Marta started playing classical guitar and then moved quickly to different instruments including electric bass, piano and singing driven by the curiosity of exploring sounds and creating music.

Many years and musical projects later, she studied Electronic Music Production and Sound Engineering at Saint Louis College of Music in Rome, where she graduated with Honours in 2017. From here, she started working as live sound engineer while keeping in mind her passion for studio recording, mixing and music production. Following her interest in pursuing a career in a recording studio, Marta flew to London to study for a further year at Abbey Road Institute, where she graduated with Honours in 2019.

After some time as a freelance sound engineer and producer, she joined the Abbey Road Studios team fascinated by the combination of orchestral recording and popular music. In her short time at the Studios, she has worked on many projects including Marvel movie scores and with artists including Joe Bonamassa and Nile Rodgers.

About Sarah

Sarah Meyz was born and raised in Brazil and has been involved with music from a very young age. She started to play harmonica when she was 11 years old and had an instant and strong connection with the instrument. At that time, Sarah became the youngest endorser for Brazilian harmonica brand, Bends, playing and touring with many renowned musicians across the country.

In 2012, she was awarded a scholarship from a partnership between Berklee College of Music and the Lollapalooza Festival to attend a one-week programme at Berklee’s campus in Valencia, Spain. On the last day of the course, she was awarded a second scholarship, this time to the five-week programme at Berklee’s main campus in Boston.

As a result of her unique performances and powerful stage presence, Sarah was invited to play at the Lollapalooza Festival in São Paulo in 2013, performing with her solo band, featuring her father, Alberto, on drums her sister, Marília, on guitar, Victor Abla on bass and Vasco Faé on guitar. A few months later, she flew to Boston to start the five-week programme at Berklee. There she got the opportunity to audition for a scholarship to be a full time student, and at the end of the course, Sarah was awarded a Full Tuition scholarship from the prestigious institution. At Berklee, Sarah also discovered a new passion of hers: recording, production and everything related to the studio universe. She graduated in 2019, Summa Cum Laude, with a double degree in Music Production & Engineering and Vocal Performance, as well as a minor in Commercial Record Production. During her time in the US, she got to work and play with artists and producers including Ethan Johns, Seu Jorge, Sylvia Massy, Daru Jones, Ken Scott and Ebonie Smith amongst many others.

Her last semester was spent in the UK, completing an internship with re-recording mixer Andrew Wilson, as he was working on the Disney Nature film, Elephant. She also got to work at a variety of studios including Real World, Wounded Buffalo and Abbey Road, participating in ADR, Foley, mixing and recording sessions.

The past two years were fully dedicated to producing and recording her own music, as well as other artists around the world. Her style is a mixture of Pop and Indie, combining electronic and real instruments, especially harmonica, processed and recorded in many alternative and 'unorthodox' ways. To Sarah, it is all a matter of knowing the rules, so she can break the rules. “It is not about the equipment or the space you have" she says. "Being a pro, to me, is dominating the ability to translate your knowledge across any and all situations you encounter as an engineer or producer. From a bedroom recording using only a computer and an interface, to recording a large orchestra in the most equipped of studios.” She adds: “It is a true honour to be a part of the Abbey Road family. It has been a wild and fun journey so far and I cannot wait for all that is still to come!”

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