Meet Igor Maxymenko and Yuriy Shevyrov - Co-founders of Audiomovers

Meet Igor Maxymenko and Yuriy Shevyrov - Co-founders of Audiomovers

“With an admirable portfolio of audio plugins and production tools, as well as years of experience developing start-ups, we felt that Abbey Road Studios is the natural home for our business. We built Audiomovers for those who need audio excellence, which is exactly what Abbey Road is all about. We have an ambitious and innovative roadmap and, powered by the Abbey Road team, we can become the global choice for remote audio collaboration.” - Igor Maxymenko & Yuriy Shevyrov

Founded in 2017 by Igor Maxymenko and Yuriy Shevyrov, two innovators with years of experience in the high-end audio software industry, Audiomovers quickly gained recognition during the pandemic by meeting the rapidly changing demands of producers, mixers, songwriters and studios needing to collaborate remotely.

Audiomovers allows music professionals to stream, listen to and record high resolution multichannel remote audio in real time, with multiple collaborators, anywhere in the world. The solution includes a set of plugins, Listento and Listento Receiver, as well as mobile apps, with beta desktop software coming soon.

Meet Yuriy Shevyrov

Hailing from Khartyzsk, the Donetsk Region of Ukraine, Yuriy graduated from Donetsk State Institute of Artificial Intelligence after studying to be a Software Developer. Yuriy began his career as a game developer in Donetsk, where you can see examples of the games he worked on here. 

He decided he wanted to step back from the game industry and immerse himself into the world of audio; which saw him land a job with Avid developing Pro Tools and working as a team lead for 7 years until 2016. From 2016, Yuriy headed to Waves Audio, which saw him work on the Waves SuperRack mixer among many other exciting projects, and it was here where his partnership with Igor and Audiomovers begun.

During the time of Audiomover’s inception, Yuriy was also working on Universal Audio’s LUNA DAW, however, the duo maintained and continued to develop Audiomovers with any spare time they had.

Meet Igor Maxymenko

Born in Russia, raised in Ukraine, and later moving to Israel, Igor Maxymenko started his journey by learning Electronics in Community College, building an audio amplifier as his final project. With this experience behind him, Igor discovered his passion for music, deciding to move to Israel at the age of 17 where he went on to train in Sound Engineering and Music Production. After graduating, he landed a job as a sound technician at a TV Station in Israel, and whilst working there spotted an ad for a QA engineer position at Waves Audio. From there, he spent almost 10 years at Waves Audio in various roles, from QA to Product Manager. This is also where he met Yuriy and where they developed Audiomovers together.

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