Introducing OMNIBUS from Audiomovers — A virtual patch bay for your Mac

Introducing OMNIBUS from Audiomovers — A virtual patch bay for your Mac

New from Audiomovers!

Audiomovers, now part of the Abbey Road family, is helping music professionals around the globe to stream, listen to, and record high resolution multichannel audio remotely and in real time.

They now present their latest software, OMNIBUS.


OMNIBUS is a brand new tool for Mac which works with any applications on your machine, allowing you to route between them and combine the audio of multiple applications.

— Send and receive audio between apps
— 2 built-in virtual drivers, 16 channels each
— Combine multiple audio sources into one

You can try OMNIBUS completely free for 7 days now! Learn more and get the free demo now.


Introducing OMNIBUS — Seamless audio routing for Mac


A virtual patch bay for your Mac

– Easily pass through audio from one app to another
– Always-on, giving you greater control over all audio on your Mac

Easily configurable for multiple setups

– Define channel layouts with channel names, volume and muting parameters
– Route individual channels from both drivers to different outputs
– Save and name up to 8 snapshots of setups and loaded as needed

Why use OMNIBUS?

– Easy routing for screencasts
– Manage audio for podcasting and panels
– Route the audio for your gaming streams

For more help with OMNIBUS, check out our guide to getting started here.

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