In The Room with Nile Rodgers - World's First Interactive Portrait Launches

24th March 2021

Making history as the first experience of its kind, UK media start-up Forever today launches the first in its cutting-edge digital portrait series IN THE ROOM.

The first experience launching is with Nile Rodgers. In a world where access all areas is currently off limits - IN THE ROOM with Nile Rodgers is giving you access to it all.

IN THE ROOM is an interactive digital experience, bringing fans closer to their favourite artists and musicians through the power of voice. The innovative conversational experience allows audiences to come “face-to-face” with industry icons, and ask key questions that uncover their lives in music.

Developed in association with the **National Portrait Gallery, Innovate UK, Universal Music, and Abbey Road Studios this rich new form of voice-interactive content will enrich audience engagement in culture and entertainment at a pivotal time for the creative industry that has seen restrictions decimate tours and live experiences.

The conversation allows fans to access all answers and virtually come face-to-face with music legend Nile Rodgers on multiple platforms, including mobile and desktop, from the comfort of their own homes. To interact with Nile, users simply hold a button and speak into their device to ask him questions about his life and illustrious career, and receive answers in real time.
There are few artists as worthy of the title ‘legend’ as Nile Rodgers. Now the guitarist, singer-songwriter, record producer, arranger, composer and 3-time Grammy Award-winner - who co-founded CHIC in the 1970s and has worked with almost every top recording artist since - becomes the first musician for this one-to-one encounter.

Fans can ask Nile questions about his unique contribution to the music industry such as how he came to work with David Bowie on the classic Let’s Dance, or what it was like working with superstars like Diana Ross, Madonna or Lady Gaga.

Whilst the experience is technologically complex and hugely innovative, the end experience for users is simple, easy to access and feels like a real human interaction. Enabling audiences to sit and engage through a conversational experience, bringing to life the magic of authentic human connection.

You can trial IN THE ROOM with Nile Rodgers for free over on our Nile Rodgers' page here, or sign up for the full experience which costs £20.00.
Later in the year, the experience will be available as a physical VR exhibition in central London.

Head here to try out

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