How To Carve Your Career As A Producer Or Engineer? What We Learnt from Abbey Road Institute's Amplify Panel Talk

How can you start to carve your career as a producer or engineer? As part of our 90th Anniversary Amplify event, Abbey Road Institute hosted an award-winning producer and engineer panel, who discussed their different routes into the industry.

Hosted by Abbey Road Institute lecturer Charlie Thomas, the panel was composed of mix and mastering engineer Manon Grandjean, producer, engineer and writer Aamir Yaqub and engineer and producer Ricky Damian.

Swipe to reveal the main tips we learned from the talk, as well as watching the full talk back below.


  1. It helps to be multiskilled


  1. Build a portfolio


  1. Make sure you get your credits


  1. A good attitude is very important


  1. Don't's also a psychological job!


Abbey Road Institute | How To Carve Your Career As A Producer Or Engineer


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