CLOVES Releases Sophomore Album, 'Nightmare on Elmfield Road'

“The album is a series of songs that to me represent the complexity of emotions you experience when you can’t pull yourself out of a spiral—or an entire other world going on behind the eyes that only you know about.”

Singer-songwriter Kaity Dunstan, aka CLOVES, has today released her highly anticipated second album Nightmare on Elmfield Road. Working in The Gatehouse, she has been recording vocals for the album with producers Coffee and Detonate before mastering the album with Miles Showell.


In anticipation of today's release, CLOVES has been releasing a slew of singles from Nightmare on Elmfield Road; the most recent being the Hudson Mohawke and Detonate-produced track, Nightmare, which saw Kaity record her vocals in our Gatehouse studio. The brooding slow-burner pairs Dunstan’s dramatic vocals with dark, haunting synths. The songwriter says the track is about “being gaslit by your own brain”.


CLOVES - Nightmare


On the record, CLOVES explains: “Before this album I had never worked to try and understand myself and how I process thoughts and emotions, instead I had always turned to coping mechanisms and was defensive of help, it became debilitating, I was unable to compartmentalise a real threat from a poisonous train of thought.

This record is purely made from necessity, it’s taking all my darkest thoughts and feelings I have about myself and saying them, it’s the start of taking their power away.”


Abbey Road talks to CLOVES

Whilst Kaity was working on the record with Coffee and Detonate in our Gatehouse studio, we sat down and spoke to her on why she decided to record at Abbey Road, her main inspirations for the project, and her tips for any emerging songwriters and artists starting out.


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