Announcing The Abbey Road Red Hackathon 2019 - The Power of Immersion

Join us in Abbey Road’s iconic Studio Two from 9-10 November

Over 100 developers, designers, artists and music producers will be inspired by unique music tech performances, while playing with SPARK, 3D visualisation, game engines and light hacking, experimenting with spatial audio and using the iconic gear and features of Studio Two to push the boundaries of immersion, as well as giving artists and producers new tools of multidimensional expression.

Theme: The The Power of Immersion

This year's theme will foucs on the power of immersion, from augmented and immersive technologies and spatial computing.

In the same studio which witnessed the biggest innovations in recording technology, from the patenting of stereo in 1931 to the invention of Artificial Double Tracking in 1966 and the pioneering quadrophonic recording of The Dark Side of The Moon, we will be creating immersive social experiences with Facebook’s Spark AR Studio.

Apply by Monday 7 October to be considered for the Abbey Road Red Hackathon 2019.

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