Announcing Abbey Road Red's first Hackathon - "Reinventing Music Production"

18th October 2018
Join us in Abbey Road’s iconic Studio One on 10-11 November for the inaugural Abbey Road Red Hackathon.

Abbey Road Red, Europe’s first ever incubation programme for music tech start-ups, is expanding its developers network through series of hackathons, workshops and talks. Our very first hackathon continues the pioneering history of innovation at Abbey Road, from the patenting of stereo in 1933 to artificial double tracking in the ‘60s, the blueprint for the modern recording consoles and most innovative studio plugins and artist tools. Bringing together a community of engineers, artists, producers and academics with the most innovative partners, we are inviting the tech pioneers of the future – i.e. YOU - to explore and transform the way we create and experience music.

We are bringing brilliant platforms together including Microsoft, Miquido, JUCE, WhoSampled, Hackoustic and Chirp to inspire future of music making. We are putting the latest tools – from cognitive APIs to machine learning modules and detailed track and contextual metadata - in the hands of the most forward-thinking creators to discover new and unexpected uses of AI technology, audio APIs and hardware integrations.
Are you an audio developer, technologist, music producer, project manager, data scientist, mobile specialist, UX designer or front end developer? We want to hear from you! If you have a passion to jam with AI, "Shazam" samples, or control your music with your face, this is the place for you. With spectacular demos, innovative performances and London Field Brewery sponsoring our celebratory mixer, we are sure you will thoroughly enjoy the experience of a 36 hour marathon of tech and music.

To find out more and apply please go to and make sure you submit your application before 26 October.