Amirali Releases New Single 'Vertigo' And Announces New Album Out 24 November

Amirali Releases New Single 'Vertigo' And Announces New Album Out 24 November

In September, Iran-born producer Amirali released his Sokoot EP, working alongside the world-class soloists of Tonhalle Orchestra Zurich, one of the Top 10 philharmonic orchestras in the world.

Following on from this ambitious release, Amirali is now ready to showcase a full LP, a decade on from his acclaimed full length debut In Time. Set for release on 24 November via his own imprint Dark Matters, Trial & Error is a labour of love which found Amirali completing the project at Abbey Road with our own mastering engineer, Oli Morgan.
On the new record, Amirali finds his unique explorations of electronic music result in something extremely powerful, cinematic and emotionally fulfilling, which is what we hear on the first single teased from the album, Vertigo.

"‘Vertigo’ is a graceful, glacial, slo-mo performance, oozing out of the speakers in its shimmering, opaque beauty." - Clash Magazine
On recording Vertigo, Amirali told Clash Magazine: "I recorded Vertigo last Winter at my new studio in London, I don’t usually plan on how I want a track to sound like before starting it. The creative process is always raw and I tend to follow my instinct and keep a nice flow during each session. The result of this track almost made me feel like I’m in a deep void space, somewhat a dream like state, which can be a bit surreal; so we decided to incorporate this idea into the music video. We made this video at the peak of the lockdown, so I think in a way it also expresses the dark side of what we were experiencing at the time…”

We were thrilled that Amirali brought the project to Abbey Road Studios for its finishing touches, where he worked alongside mastering engineer, Oli Morgan. Oli stem-mastered the album, a process that offers greater control over the sonic shape and balance of your music. Find out more.

Trial & Error allows Amirali a colossal palette to work with, resulting in some gorgeous, cinematic, tremendously nuanced material. The full album will be out on 24 November, but in the meantime, you can purchase lead single Vertigo now.

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