Amirali on Making His Neo-Classical EP 'Sokoot' - Mastered at Abbey Road by Oli Morgan

“I composed these pieces with my dear friend Jakob Eisenbach who was also the conductor for the Tonhalle concert in Zurich. The 1st piece ’Dystopia’ expresses the current chaotic state the world is facing, but I always like to think there’s light at the end of the tunnel in order to stay sane.” — Amirali

Seeking to reimagine music from his eclectic repertoire in a neo-classical context, Iranian producer Amirali marks a triumphant return with the release of his ‘Sokoot’ EP, alongside the world-class soloists of Tonhalle Orchestra Zurich, one of the Top 10 philharmonic orchestras in the world.
Released on 29 September and translating as ‘Silence’ in Farsi, the three tracks are designed to have a connection with our current state. On the composition, Amirali says: “I composed these pieces with my dear friend Jakob Eisenbach who was also the conductor for the Tonhalle concert in Zurich. The first piece Dystopia expresses the current chaotic state the world is facing; the virus, corruption, constant war and global warming, but I always like to think there’s light at the end of the tunnel in order to stay sane.

The second piece Resurrected shows a new beginning; a coming back to life. Maybe it’s about myself after being away for a while. The third and final piece Dismantle The Sun is a reset to everything. Imagine if there was a push button for that. These names are not just symbolic, but also show his current state of mind when working on them, and the final orchestrations result in something extremely powerful, cinematic and emotional.”

Check out the exclusive documentary on Sokoot and more of Amirali’s thoughts on his moving record.
Amirali completed the finishing touches of the EP at Abbey Road Studios, where it mastered by our own Oli Morgan. On working with Oli, Amirali explained: "I had a great experience working with Oli and I think this is going to be a long term relationship as I would like to continue working with him for the foreseeable future. It's very important that the mastering engineer can recognise and see your vision, especially when you do stem mastering; I think Oli and I connected quite well in that regard. I'm very happy with how the masters have turned out, Oli did a fantastic job. I gave him almost seven years of my work and he took great care of them with a lot of precision."
Amirali emerged from the Crosstown Rebels camp in 2012, demonstrating exquisite craftsmanship on his dynamic pop-infused debut In Time. It presented the multi-faceted producer as the new voice in dance music, effortlessly blurring the line of techno, disco, funk and electronica. Described as “one of the brightest jewels in electronic music” by Mixmag, In Time also won praise from the likes of Resident Advisor, NPR, BBC Radio 1 and BBC Radio 6 Music, cementing his place in dance music’s new elite.

Listen and purchase the release now.

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