Abbey Road Red Welcomes BroomX onto their music tech incubator programme

3rd October 2018
Abbey Road Red is delighted to welcome Broomx Technologies onto their six-month music tech incubator programme. The programme will help match Broomx Technologies MK Player360's visual experience with fully spatialised audio, and develop content and business growth strategies that will take the team and projector to the next level of development. Karim Fanous, Innovation Manager at Abbey Road Red, says: "Everyone has the same reaction that we did when first experiencing the MK Player360: wow!. The visual experience is rich and hypnotic. We want to help the team match that with sound and go from mono, where they are now, through stereo to fully spatialised audio, the exact same journey we are taking here at Abbey Road Studios, which began back in 1931! With that and our other incubation plans, we are excited to help them reach the next level in their journey".
Glenn Cooper, Senior Director of Business Development Strategic Partnerships at Universal Music UK and board member at Abbey Road Red, says: "The enjoyment of music, especially live music, is always enhanced when it is a shared experience. When I saw the demo of the MKplayer360 I was keen to work with the Broomx team to introduce this amazing piece of technology to our labels, artists, creator network and strategic partners. I believe they have created a game changing product that has the potential to deliver an IMAX style immersive experience for the home entertainment market. Broomx Technologies have a history of creating the most advanced tools to enjoy Virtual Reality in real spaces". Founded in 2014 in the heart of Barcelona Technological Hub, they develop proprietary solutions in the fields of Software, Hardware and Cloud Services. The MK Player360, is a unique virtual reality projection device which uses a patented end-to-end rendering process and an exclusive fish-eye lens to project immersive visuals onto three walls and a ceiling, from the bedroom or living room, to the large exhibition space.

Controlled with a smartphone app through which you can alter the viewpoint and choose content, the MK Player360 allows the audience to enjoy immersive videos and stills without the need for goggles or headsets. This is a head-set decoupled, fully immersive and social VR experience that gives people a fascinating sense of grandeur and immersion in real spaces. Diego Serrano, CEO at Broomx Technologies, says: "While bringing a game-changing way to create immersive spaces, we've realised how important it is to connect with the right people globally, embrace top-notch knowledge and to be passionate about making a difference. That's what we've found in Abbey Road Red and Universal Music Group. Their top tier profiles share our dream of creating multi-sensory spaces, where the integration of spatial audio with our projected VR device, is the next step towards VR and 360 mainstream adoption. Abbey Road Red is Abbey Road's open innovation department designed to support the endeavours of the brightest music tech entrepreneurs, researchers and developers. Our music tech start-up incubation programme - the first of its kind in Europe - supports the most promising music tech start-ups. We collaborate with the brightest minds in academic research, we are committed to sharing knowledge and empowering the industry, and we are pioneering and exploring the adoption of Spatial Audio in the recording chain. In 2018, the programme is now expanding with in-house RD activities within the music creation space. The white lab coats are long gone at Abbey Road, but the spirit of adventure is still as present as ever.