Abbey Road Red Alum Lickd Partners With Universal to Make Music Accessible to YouTube Creators

Abbey Road Red alumnus Lickd has announced a partnership with Universal Music Group to offer a diverse selection of pre-cleared music from its catalogue across multiple territories in Lickd’s licensing platform for content creators.
Abbey Road Managing Director Isabel Garvey says, “Lickd’s business provides new commercial and promotional opportunity for artists whilst super serving the social media creator – it’s the best of both worlds and a new music market. We are delighted that Lickd have signed a license with UMG with the help of all our colleagues at UMG and on the Abbey Road Red board. The licensing road is a long one for start ups, so we are thrilled Lickd can now focus on making their truly unique business model a commercial success for artists and creators.”

Lickd's Paul Sampson in Studio Three

Karim Fanous, Innovation Manager at Abbey Road Red says, “Lickd rolled off the Abbey Road Red incubation programme in 2019 after working hard towards this deal in which everybody wins. YouTube creators can now license cutting edge leading and emerging artist tracks at a cost which is affordable to them because it’s scaled to their channel views. On the flip, artists and content owners get a new revenue stream as well as a new marketing channel to the creator’s viewers as a by-product. It’s a system that speaks sensibly and with promise to everyone at the table, one of our key markers of a platform with potential when considering a start-up for incubation at Red. We couldn’t be happier for Lickd and our board members and colleagues who made this happen.”