Why I Chose Abbey Road: Klaverson

Why I Chose Abbey Road: Klaverson

Why choose Abbey Road as your mastering house of choice?

Smooth. Ongoing support. People who really care.

These are but just a few reasons Klaverson always chooses Abbey Road as his mastering house of choice.

With a multitude of mastering houses and automated services available, it can be hard to choose the right option for you. As world leaders in mastering and post-production we are here to instil confidence in all our clients, whether emerging or established. Our award-winning team has thousands of records' worth of experience in mastering music of all genres, from legendary best-sellers and blockbuster film scores to obscure underground gems and cult classics.

Amassing over 80,000 streams on Spotify alone in less than 6 months, we spoke to singer, songwriter and producer Klaverson about his experience using our mastering services.

The unrivalled combination of our award-winning engineers and unique portfolio of vintage and state-of-the-art equipment has made Abbey Road a world leader in audio mastering. From Radiohead, Ed Sheeran and Fontaines D.C to Krept & Konan, The Beatles, and Yard Act, the mastering team at Abbey Road has been part of some of the most iconic albums of recent times.

With an option to suit everyone, get your tracks mastered at Abbey Road and cut through the noise.

Tell us about your experience using Abbey Road's Mastering service.

From the initial upload on the site, to working through revisions and receiving the final master, the entire process is extremely smooth.

Most importantly, I’ve been thrilled with the final outcome. I'm about to get my third single mastered next week with Christian and can't wait to get started.

Why did you choose Abbey Road?

I wanted to find a mastering engineer who had worked on similar artists and projects to my own and in turn be sympathetic to the sound I'm after.

I looked through each of the engineers’ discographies and Christian’s included the likes of Kae Tempest, Fontaines D.C. and Black Midi. They were all artists and albums I really admired but were also bodies of work from a sonic point of view that I wanted to hear in my master.

As an independent artist, what benefits have you experienced using Abbey Road?

Something which really sets Abbey Road Studios apart from other mastering houses is their ongoing support throughout the entire process.

Christian goes above and beyond, even giving mixing notes to improve the track before printing the final master. The support from the marketing team has also been a huge help.

The two singles which I have mastered with Christian have been added to their Abbey Road Cuts playlist, as well as support across social channels, where I noticed a real jump in new followers and streams.

Why did you opt for Christian as your mastering engineer?

I first chose Christian through recommendations, as well as looking at his discography. When it gets to the mastering stage, you can sometimes be slightly apprehensive to let it go. You need to find someone who really cares about the project and understands how much it means to you.

I truly feel Christian cares about the music and knows exactly the feeling and vibe I want to convey with it.
Listen to Klaverson here.

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