What's the best way to self-publish your music?

20th March 2018
Weve heard your music in the past, and we like what we hear! But now we think its time you get some more of those future-hits published... To help you to navigate through the world of self-publishing weve decided to hook you up with our friends at Spinnup - our favourite music distribution and AR scouting platform. Head to spinnup.com and create your user profile today to get your music published to Spotify, iTunes and Amazon (to name a few). Spinnup also gives you a great chance to have your tracks discovered by the Universal Music Group via their team of Scouts.

To date 40 Spinnup artists have signed to Universal Music labels. Take advantage of a massive range of easy to use tools like streaming and social media analytics for absolutely free, then when youre ready to release - sell your tracks online within days with 100% ofrights and royalties staying with the artist. Who are Spinnup? Spinnup is Universal Musics digital distribution service for independent musicians. Like ABBA, Spotify and flat-packed furniture, Spinnup was born in Sweden, the centre of all things music-tech, back in 2013. Today it is a global distribution service headquartered in London with offices around Europe and over 170,000 artists worldwide. Spinnup provides independent artists with a fun, easy-to-use service to realise their superstar music potential.

Artists can sign up for free to access a range of tools, including intelligent social media and streaming data analytics. Once an artist is ready to unleash their music, they pay a small fee to distribute their release to Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Shazam and many more. The best part is artists stay in complete control, retaining 100% of their rights and royalties. And being a part of the Universal Music family, Spinnup artists have a better chance than ever of being discovered and signed to the worlds biggest record label, just like the 40 Spinnup artists that have signed to Universal Music to date.