Top Tips for Adding Depth to a Mix #ProductionHub

Does your mix suffer from a lack of definition? Is it too flat and upfront, or has so much depth that it's an indistinct wash of sound? If so, chances are you’re misusing or overusing reverb.

In our latest Production Hub article, we’ll take a look at six vital pointers for working with reverb in your mix, and how the Abbey Road Waves Audio Chambers and Reverb Plates can help!


  1. DO use the right kind of reverb


  1. DON’T lay it on too thick, or in too many places


  1. DO automate reverb levels


  1. DO tweak reverb presets, with a focus on decay time and predelay


  1. DON’T just pan reverb returns hard left-right


  1. DO process and/or EQ your reverb


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