Tom Rasmussen | Abbey Road Equalise for Pride in association with Gay Times

Tom Rasmussen | Abbey Road Equalise for Pride in association with Gay Times

27th October 2023

Announcing the third instalment of our Abbey Road Equalise for Pride series in association with Gay Times.

Tom Rasmussen joined us to recorded three live sessions inside Studio Two with engineer Paul Pritchard, assistant engineer Tom Ashpitel and studio runner 88Mack Kniese**, starting with a live rendition of Street Violence featuring writer Shon Faye. Rasmussen is thrilled to honour the rich history of Studio Two with a fusion of electronic and live instrumentation.

The Equalise for Pride series features intimate performances and interviews filmed in the studios with the aim to celebrate creativity and queer artistic expression.
Tom, known for their distinct voice, saw the invitation from Abbey Road as a compelling opportunity to add new dimensions to their songs with the involvement of their band, Howie, Nicki, Rachel, and Danielle, as well as their co-writer Finlay Henderson on keys and synth. The three films consist of a cover and two original compositions, including a tribute to fellow queer artist La Roux, whose work Tom wanted to celebrate in this hallowed space.

The challenge of reimagining the tracks and curating a series of moments excited Tom and their label Globe Town Records. Working with director Joseph Wilson, a close friend whose work blurs the boundaries between fantasy and reality, was a natural choice. Artist and collaborator Rene Matic also joined the project to capture captivating portraits, adding another layer of connection to the process.

Tom says: “It was important to me to work with queer people, course, and working class voices too. Fill the halls with our voices. Beyond representation, which is where projects like this often begin, it felt both momentous and very comfortable for us to be in this space. It’s partly to do with how welcoming Abbey Road are, but also because skill, rigour, and good music goes above and beyond identity categories whilst also honouring and exploring them alike. This collaboration with Abbey Road has, and possibly will be forever and ever, one of the more special in my artistic life and I do not take this for granted.”

Watch our interview with Tom Rasmussen


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