The Winners of our #ItsAllAboutYourTopline Songwriting Competition

This month, we have invited songwriters to record their originally written songs on Topline, our free songwriting app, and submit for the chance of a feedback session with Nile Rodgers, Poo Bear, Jamie Scott or Giorgio Tuinfort! After more than 500 entries, which were then shortlisted down to 25 songs by our team of Abbey Road Studios engineers, four winners have been chosen!

The final 25 songs were given to our panel of judges, including our own Chief Creative Advisor Nile Rodgers and three of his favourite songwriters: Jamie Scott (One Direction, Rag’n’Bone Man, Rudimental & Jess Glynne), Giorgio Tuinfort (David Guetta, Rihanna, Sia, Ariana Grande & Whitney Houston) and Poo Bear (Justin Bieber, Ed Sheeran, Billie Eilish & Mariah Carey).

Each judge has chosen their favourite track, which are listed below.

Jamie Scott's Winner

Eloise Kate - One More Kiss

Jamie Scott explains: "My winner would be One More Kiss I think every song I heard was really good and really well put together. some really interesting melodies and great lyrics too. ‘one more kiss’ had an originality about it I absolutely adored and it has its own feel. The song sounds like a really original artist singing their own authentic music and it was recorded in such a way that it had a naivete and innocence about it that I was really loving and was making the song really endearing. I also loved the use of harmonies. You really captured a vibe and a melancholic feeling."

Listen to Eloise Kate on Spotify.

Poo Bear's Winner

Jon McCollin - Java

Poo Bear: “It’s simple and effective, melodic and it has vulnerability! HBD!"

Listen to Jon McCollin on Soundcloud.

Giorgio Tuinfort's Winner

Elijah Jamal - Miss Me

Giorgio reveals: "Beautiful, emotional song.

It feels a bit repetitive half way towards the second verse. The cadence and timing of the chords in the first verse is not clear, due to a lack of rhythmic/sequencing support.

The song urges for more; More in terms of the arrangement and writing. I was hoping for a bridge opening up the song, strongly relaying the message that the singer wants to carry out. This would also give more depth to the record, adding to the impact of the chorus."

Listen to Elijah Jamal on Spotify.

Nile Rodgers' Winner

Peter Wright - Speakers In The Window

“There were a lot of great entries but ’Speakers In The Window’ grabbed my attention right away from the opening horn line and kept me interested until the big payoff - the chorus.”

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