The New Chandler - Abbey Road TG Microphone

17th October 2018
Our new microphone, conceived by Chandler Limited Founder/Chief Designer, Wade Goeke, is unique in design, functionality and sound; the TG Microphone isn't a clone of any other microphone. A solid-state, large diaphragm condenser microphone, featuring the legendary TG sound, a Dual Tone voicing system and NAB/IEC Tape Equalizer facility, re-purposed from historic EMI TG12410 consoles and re-engineered for microphone duties. Its larger-than-solid-sate sonics are enabled by its reliance on a dedicated power supply rather than traditional 48V phantom power. During development with Abbey Road, the famed studios' audio engineers and technical staff tested the new microphone along-side of some of their historic microphones, and the TG Microphone quickly found favour. Find out more

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