The National Remastered Early Records at Abbey Road For New Reissues

This year marks 20 years since the release of The National's self-titled debut album. In celebration of the anniversary, the band have released a reissue of the record, alongside reissues of two more pieces of their early catalogue, 2003's ‘Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers’ and 2004's ‘Cherry Tree’ EP.

The collection of reissues have been remastered at Abbey Road Studios by Christian Wright, which “help make these much-loved records sound as vital as ever”.
The three releases (2001’s The National, 2003’s Sad Songs For Dirty Lovers, and 2004’s Cherry Tree EP) chart the band's evolution from melancholic folk rockers into the alt-rockers that lit up the indie world with 2004's breakthrough album, Alligator.

The self-titled debut was loaded with indie Americana, which the band pushed further towards their alternative style on Sad Songs For Dirty Lovers. It was the Cherry Tree EP that became the clear gateway to their eventual breakthrough, and it’s fondly looked at by fans as the effort that saw The National truly coming into their own.

The National - 90-Mile Water Wall

Taken from Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers

Out via 4AD now, order on the Abbey Road Shop.

The National tracklist:

1. / A1. Beautiful Head
2. / A2. Cold Girl Fever
3. / A3. The Perfect Song
4. / A4. American Mary
5. / A5. Son
6. / A6. Pay For Me
7. / B1. Bitters & Absolut
8. / B2. John’s Star
9. / B3. Watching You Well
10. / B4. Theory Of The Crows
11. / B5. 29 Years
12. / B6. Anna Freud

Sad Songs For Dirty Lovers tracklist:

1. / A1. Cardinal Song
2. / A2. Slipping Husband
3. / A3. 90-Mile Water Wall
4. / A4. It Never Happened
5. / A5. Murder Me Rachael
6. / B1. Thirsty
7. / B2. Available
8. / B3. Sugar Wife
9. / B4. Trophy Wife
10. / B5. Fashion Coat
11. / B6. Patterns Of Fairytales
12. / B7. Lucky You

Cherry Tree EP tracklist:

1. / A1. Wasp Nest
2. / A2. All The Wine
3. / A3. All Dolled-Up In Straps
4. / A4. Cherry Tree
5. / B1. About Today
6. / B2. Murder Me Rachael (Live)
7. / B3. Reasonable Man (I Don’t Mind)


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