The A&R Awards: Producer of The Year - P2J

The A&R Awards: Producer of The Year - P2J

24th October 2022
The A&R Awards returns for a sixth occasion and, once again, Abbey Road Studios is the headline sponsor as well as sponsor of the Producer of the Year award. The importance of these awards is emphasised by Abbey Road’s Managing Director Isabel Garvey who says “We've seen some extraordinary talent pass through our doors over the last year. So we are thrilled to celebrate the achievements of the A&R community by continuing our association with the MBW A&R Awards."

Over the next few weeks, we’re going to spotlight the 10 nominees for the Producer of the Year award and speak to them about how they got started, their favourite gear and their advice for anyone starting out.
Grammy award-winning producer, P2J has been a transformative force in popular culture over the last decade. With multiple defining moments in music and accolades across the recording industry, P2J has worked with some incredible global icons including Beyoncé, Wizkid, Tems and Stormzy making him one of the most influential producers today.

With his vast musical range, P2J has been able to connect the best talent across the western and African diaspora and act as a unifying presence between cultures.

His musical contribution to Afrobeats has increased the genre's profile having amassed over a billion streams from records he has produced.
1. How did you get started? And what project elevated your career?

I started making music at school and I remember, one beat I created had a lot of my friends excited and they all wanted to freestyle and write to it. Their reaction got me wanting to create more and before I knew it, it was all I wanted to do.

The project that elevated my career was probably working on The Gift by Beyoncé and also working on Made In Lagos with Wizkid.

2. What would your advice be to anyone starting out?
There are many things, one of which is don't be afraid to make what you feel. I mean sometimes as producers we create to try and fit in with the times, which is good but don't be afraid to be ahead by making music that you think may be the next big thing.

I would also say travel is a must! There is so much inspiration in the world and so many places where creativity will test you.

3. What are you top five bits of gear or software?

- My laptop
- Logic
- Fl
- Tal uno
- Omnisphere/Keyscape

4. How do you approach collaboration?

I attack collaborating with an open mind and blank canvas, because if we are both open we both are likely to bring our best foot forward and make something amazing.

5. What does it mean to you to be a finalist in the Producer of the Year

It's my first time being nominated for this award and it is an honour to be seen for the work I’ve done, it's a huge blessing. It means a lot to me to be named amongst such amazingly talented producers.
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