The A&R Awards: Producer of The Year - LostBoy

The A&R Awards: Producer of The Year - LostBoy

13th October 2022
The A&R Awards returns for a sixth occasion and, once again, Abbey Road Studios is the headline sponsor as well as sponsor of the Producer of the Year award. The importance of these awards is emphasised by Abbey Road’s Managing Director Isabel Garvey who says “We've seen some extraordinary talent pass through our doors over the last year. So we are thrilled to celebrate the achievements of the A&R community by continuing our association with the MBW A&R Awards."

Over the next few weeks, we’re going to spotlight the 10 nominees for the Producer of the Year award and speak to them about how they got started, their favourite gear and their advice for anyone starting out.
1. How did you get started? And what project elevated your career?

I was a drummer in bands from the age of 14. Eventually, instead of going to university, I moved to London and started working with Fraser T Smith which is where everything started for me.

2. What would your advice be to anyone starting out?

Don’t worry about chasing trends too much. Kanye (on this occasion) is right - trend normally is late. As long as you enjoy what you make and follow your instincts you’re much more likely to arrive at a ‘sound’ that people will begin to recognise you for.

3. What are you top five bits of gear or software?

SSL G series bus compressor
Telefunken ELAM251
TubeTech CL1B
Isotope Ozone
Prophet 6

4. How do you approach collaboration?

Read the room. I try and be a bit of a chameleon. Collaboration is everything.

5. What does it mean to you to be a finalist in the Producer of the Year category?

It’s a massive honour, especially when I look at the list of fellow nominees.
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